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Read what my clients are saying about me!

"I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism, detailed and lovely presentation on your inspection, your efficiency, and your personal service to my client! Sometimes our jobs are rather thankless and a bit taken for granted! I just want you to know how much I do appreciate all of your extra efforts and that they were noticed! Keep up the good work!! You will be on my speed dial!! Lol Thanks!"

- L. S.

"Thank you for doing such a thorough job."

- N. V.


"Thank you so much! We appreciate you explaining to our clients the issues you find and explaining the items that are necessary for them to be concerned about, and the inspection process and requirements."

- S. C.

"Floyd was friendly and professional, explained everything. He is genuine in his concern that I understood whatever the issues were. Very satisfied!!"

- K. S.

"Thank you sir for your very thorough inspection for my clients. They said they felt very comfortable with your work and your explanation of everything. They are going to put together a repair list for the sellers."

"I will be happy to recommend you in the future."

"Thanks again,"

- A. B.


"Floyd, You far exceeded my expectations! I had no idea that your inspection would be so thorough, and you walked me through every step of all of it. You explained all the things that I had never heard of with great patience and professionalism. Thank you for your kindness and incredible attention to detail! "

- L. V.

"Mr. Harris was very thorough in assessing the house."

- J.G.

"The inspector was very open and honest. Looked and acted professional. Inspector definitely knew what he was doing and talking about."

- N. M.

"No complaints, did a great thorough job. Obviously knew what he was talking about. Explained things logically. There was nothing left off at all."

- H. C.

"Very thorough inspection. By far the most comprehensive inspection I've had."

- N. S.

"Floyd is so professional and accurate. Very pleased."

- C. L.

"Very thorough inspection pointing out many items I would have not looked at. I live in South Carolina so could not make the inspection. But report was very detailed. Based on this report it uncovered major problems I would have overlooked. Thank you for alerting me to long term and major problems."

- D. F.

"Floyd was thorough and very helpful in showing us around the home and pointing out the things he found and even offered suggestions on how we might rectify some of the minor problems. He was very professional and did not make us feel rushed in going through the house. We would definitely recommend him to friends. "

- T. G.

"Floyd was very thorough and was able to put my mind at ease by giving the option to come to my home so he could go over the report with me and answer my questions. "

- E. B.

"Unbelievably detailed and thorough. Will be my first call the next time I buy a house."

- R. S.

"Very helpful and knowledgeable."

- J. C.

"Floyd was so helpful and courteous, making sure that we understood what was going on while he showed us what he found.

Floyd was incredibly thorough and made sure to point out what he saw and to tell us the level of severity or importance of the issue.

Although I am a first-time home buyer and am not sure of what the typical timeline is for receiving a report, Floyd exceeded my expectations by being able to schedule the inspection incredibly soon and delivering the report earlier than anticipated."

- K. D.

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